A mothers love is forever.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

THREE!?! My oh my...

Can you believe that our little Holly is three years old? It's true. I cannot think of Holly's birthday without thinking of that day that we got the call. I remember it very vividly! I was at work and I was in charge that day. I got connected and the caller id had our agency on it... I couldn't believe it! Within three hours of my baby's birth, I was able to hold her! She captivated my every being the moment I laid my eyes on her... and to be honest, well before that! Holly was easy to fall in love with. She was tiny and beautiful and such a great little baby. Today, she is growing and beaitful and such a great big girl! I love everything about her... even her sassiness! It's hard to believe that she is three. That she is going on Christmas #4 with us... that she is a preschooler with her very own Leappad! My baby is growing up.... but she will always be my baby. Happy Birthday my dear, sweet Holly! I love you with all my heart, from meeces to pieces, from the moon and back! xoxoxo