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Thursday, February 2, 2012

And just like that.

it's gone.

The first of the two cribs sold and was picked up today. Is it fair to say that I'm a bit sad to see it go? I cannot believe the significance that crib had on my heart. You see, we picked that crib out as soon as we were officially approved as a home-study prepared, waiting to be adoptive couple. We were given a beautiful ABC bedding set from a friend and it sat in our girls room, (the then nursery) and we waited for our dreams to come true. I sat beside that crib, rocking in the same chair I'd soon hold my babies in. I decorated that crib with stuffed animals and cute bedding and waited. It was part of the place I went every day to just imagine. I had never imagined life could be THIS GOOD. I never realized how much fun I'd have watching my girls learn to roll into the nooks of this crib. Or how the very best part of most of my days (or a big part of them at least), was going in to watch my babies asleep. Seeing the ways they positioned themselves said a lot about their personalities to me. My Holly started sleeping in the same spot every single night pretty early on. And she's never wavered! Now Hannah loves to sleep upside down, sideways and even sometimes picks the floor or the bottom half of Holly's bed! I'm just so glad that I was able to have such a beautiful crib for my babies to sleep in. And even better, the first one went to a family friend so it makes it even more special!

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  1. Would love to include your story in my month of November tribute to adoptions?


    If you could email me at flakymn@hotmail.com a photo and a brief synopsis of your story, I'd love to include you!