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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today I found out that I'm a bit sexist. This is funny to me because when I was growing up, I preferred many "boy" toys. I distinctly remember being around 7 or 8 y.o. and I was sick. When my mom surprised me with a little bag of green plastic army men, I was THRILLED. I played sports like it was nobody's business. I was into softball and basketball and if the neighborhood boys were playing, football. I like to play it, watch it, and dress the part for it too.

Fast forward 20 years. Now I have two little girls. I love it when they want to play basketball. I was actually pretty excited that they received the Littl.e T.ikes basketball hoop this holiday. But, for whatever reason, I just am not thrilled that they got a tool bench. Last year, from my in-laws, they got tool boxes and a tool. The theory is that each year, they'll add a tool to that. This year, it's a wooden tool bench from my BIL. It's cute, but it's a boy toy.

Today we took down our Christmas tree and the majority of the decorations. When that was down and the toys remained, I was frustrated with the lack of space for everything. (Thus reminding me how VERY FORTUNATE we are and how much my kids have). My DH has always complained about there being too many toys, especially bigger ones. Well, this year it was his brother who got a couple big toys for the girls. I said that in response to his remark and I also said that my girls didn't need a tool bench. He called me sexist.

So, whatever. I guess I'm sexist. I am NOT in to tools for my girls. I always loved sports myself so I'm fine with them playing those. I'm even cool with them playing with cars (they seem to love those as of late). But I'm just not in to tools or tool benches. Make no mistake, I'll still have my baby girls wearing pink while they play with it. Just for good measure.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sorry I haven't been on to write in a while... we are currently with family for Christmas so I'm not in my usual element, with my OWN time, to blog stuff! I'll be back in a couple days and I'll get some pics loaded of the girls and get back to blogging! In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Busy Season...

Busy. The Christmas season is truly very, very busy. Everywhere you go it seems crazy these days. So much to do, so little time... right? I'm excited about our Christmas for many reasons but two come to my mind very quickly... my girls, Holly & Hannah! They are not quite to the Santa adoring age, but they are excited to talk about him and are going to have fun opening presents I'm sure. I am so anxious to see their reactions to what Santa brings!! We are going to church service early on Christmas eve with my parents and I'm excited to go. Sadly, I avoid church during cold and flu season because it seems people go even when they are sick. I've learned the last two years that EACH time I took my babies to church, they were sick 3 days later. So I haven't been to church much this year and not once during the advent season. I can't wait to sing Christmas hymns and see the advent candle/wreath hanging from our ceiling. I love church during this time... maybe they'll even play the handbells. After church, my mom & dad are coming back to our house & we're going to enjoy some homemade pizza! Mom figured the girls would be happier at home and able to play than out at a restaurant, great idea! Growing up, when my grandpa died, we came up with our own tradition for Christmas Eve and that was to see a movie and go out for Chinese food. Little did I know that many other people also do this. Actually, theaters are packed around this time. I'm guessing with people who don't have family close to celebrate with, or perhaps don't celebrate at all. For me, it's a tradition I've had a very hard time letting go of. Not sure why, but that was a huge highlight in my season! So, then we'll wake up, the girls will open presents and then we'll head to my sisters house for a yummy dinner and a gift exchange! I love spending time with my family, LOVE it!

Two people on my FB recently posted that they couldn't wait for the holidays to be over with. Someone (who I didn't know) on their friends list wrote that if they were saying this then they had forgotten the true meaning of the season. It's not Santa, presents, pizza, movies, chinese food... as you know, it's the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ! I've been teaching the girls that it's almost baby Jesus's birthday and we sing every day to Him. Holly's excited and I'm sure she's expecting cake and candles.

I'm doing my best to remember the true meaning of this busy season. And, more importantly, I'm hoping I pass to my girls the importance of the season.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Turning it!!

I did it! We ended up turning Holly's crib into a big girl bed for her! She loves it!!! I'm glad I did it. But, still, it's kinda sad. Holly did a great job staying in her crib the whole night! Even when she woke up and we didn't go in for about 10 minutes, she was still in her crib. The same happened this morning too! Right now, she's in her big girl bed for her first nap in it (at our house). She has napped in a big girl bed at my moms and done great. Today, she's still up an hour later. I just went up there and she was trying to get ouf of the door. I had to remind her it was naptime. I think she may actually be asleep now!! I thought I'd share a few pics of putting it together, and then sleeping. So fun!!
Daddy finishing the big girl transition...

Holly's first time climbing in the big girl bed!

How Hannah wishes she were 2, too!

Getting ready for bed... excited!

Sleeping... needing a pillow!

Hanah asleep in her crib

The girls nursery

The other side of the room!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Turn it mommy!

Turn it mommy! .... that's what Holly was just saying to me as I put her down to sleep, in her crib for a nap. This might be the last time she sleeps in a crib. My oldest baby, not so much a baby anymore. The girls and I took a trip to B.abies R U.s today in order to get prepared for the big girl transition. Their bedroom, sadly, was the last place we officially child proofed. This was because they don't play there. It's upstairs and we only go in there to nap or sleep pretty much. We do have books and a few stuffed animals but not much that they can get in to. However, long time ago when we painted, we never replaced all the outlet covers or covered any wires. They were mostly behind cribs and dressers so it wasn't a big deal. Well, now it is. So today, we gals made our way to store and picked up some power strip covers, closet door locks, and outlet covers that have the little slide plug thingy. I told Holly it was so she could turn her crib into a big girl bed! And thus.... turn it mommy!

So we got home and I've been working on some of the plugs but I need Aaron's help to move the cribs and dresser to finish the job. When I was putting her down for her nap she kept saying "turn it mommy, turn it to a big girl bed!".... Soon my dear, sweet baby. Maybe tonight I told her, maybe tonight. Wow... not sure if I'm ready for this but I know Holly is. She'll be a great big girl sleeper I am sure. Where, oh where has the time gone?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nature vs. Nurture.... or something like that!

For a long time I've believed that a part of your personality has much to do with your birthorder. When I looked at my sister and I versus other people who were first, second, or middle born, I always came to the same conclusion.... us younger sibs have more fun!! LOL. Honestly, I can draw a resemblance from many relationships.

First, my sister and me. She has always been more serious. She's more quiet, not quite as outgoing, and participated more in individual sports. Now me... well, I was louder, sillier, and was in group sports. I was in trouble much more often than she was but I wasn't necessarily a bad kid either.

My mom and her siblings. My mom was the oldest like my sister. She has always been (and continues to be) the more serious of her siblings when it comes to life values. She is more responsible and is not interested in crowds. Her siblings?? Loud, crazy, and definately not responsible... even now! lol.

I could go on and on. I've seen this reflected in my husbands siblings, friends, family, etc. Now, my arguement here goes like this... if I had to say nature vs nurture, I'd go with nurture. My two daughters are the classic example of older and younger siblings. Holly is more reserved. Her smiles are only for the most silly of times and she has always listened to me at the very first warning. She is quiet. Now, my Hannah, she is wild. She tests the limits constantly and with a wild smile of dare on her face! She likes to scream, silly screams, all the time. She wears tu-tus if she see's them, along with hats and necklaces and anything else that makes her silly. If I tell her no, she smiles and runs!

So, tell me, do I have a valid argument? My girls, by BIRTH are both firstborn. By family arrangement, they are first and second. Something tells me that nurture is outweighting nature here by a looong shot. It just makes me wonder what else I'll learn about nature vs nurture along the way...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sleeping Beauties...

When I planned in my head all the things I would want to do as a mommy, all the things I knew I'd be missing out on if I wasn't, I never thought of the one thing that I'd easily say is the favorite part of my day... watching my girls sleep! There is something spiritual about quietly tip-toeing into our nursery to see how the girls are sleeping. They are angels! They are silly, even when they sleep. They used to sleep nearly the same way for a long time. If one was angled one way, the other was too. It was like a twin concept to me. Now, as Holly has grown, she is always in the same spot, a sign that she is ready for Santa's new toddler bedding delivery. And Hannah, well, she'll be ready soon enough. I loved when they used to sleep with their little butts in the air even though it couldn't have been comfortable. It cracks me up when I go in and Hannah is on top of a stuffed animal, or blankie and she is oblivious. There was a time when I had to move Holly almost nightly because she'd have her head against the corner edge and I'm sure it had to hurt. And both girls went through periods when their legs were sticking out. They love their "babies" which are basically the little blankies with heads. And, without their blankies, well, they would be beside themselves. Lately, they also have to have Minnie & Mickey in their cribs too. Not to mention there is Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Grover, Big Bird, a monkey each, a chick from Easter and the famous glow worm that plays a lullaby. We also have a really cool mobile that we've used WELL PAST the manufacturers recommendations of 5 mos old and Hannah pushes the buttons to play the music... we call her the DJ!

It's these moments, when I am in their room, watching them breathe the innocence that only being a toddler can provide, that I am reminded of how lucky I am. How awesome it is to be their mommy. How great my life is. Beyond the hustle, the bustle and the daily grind, they are my everything. I love to watch them sleep. I love my girls with all my heart. What a neat part of being a mommy that I had no idea I would love so much!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Yay! I've already got two followers! Thanks Ladies! It's nice to be back to blogging.

Today was a snow day for many but for me, it was just another day. I do the snow day thing every day! I used much of my morning to clean the house. It was in desperate need since the cookie baking we did yesterday. There were sprinkles in places I didn't know existed! I was raised to appreciate a clean, organized home so when I get the time and chance to clean, for me, it's therapeutic.

The thing is, when I need to get something done like cleaning the kitchen floor, I've got to keep the girls entertained doing something else. So the TV becomes my babysitter. That's right. I said it. But I don't feel there is any shame in it. There are so many people these days who feel like TV is the enemy. I think that if you don't filter what your kids watch, or that is what they do all day, then yes, it could be. But a few hours so that I can get a few things done? It's a realistic thing in my life. It has to be.

My girls enjoy TV. When they wake up, we usually watch an episode of M.ick.ey M.ou.se C.lu.bho.use together while eating breakfast. Sometimes we giggle and chat and Holly is constantly yelling to update me (even when I'm sitting next to her) about what each character is doing. I love MM time. Sometimes if we are having a cranky day, I'll allow another episode. Or if we are snowed in, or have colds, we'll do something special and watch an actual movie!

I like TV. I like that Holly knows a triangle because MMC repeated it 18 times and she cared enough to watch it. I'm boring to her. I talk shapes all day and she just isn't as in to it as she is when M.ick.ey talks about them. And Hannah can say Mee.Mee and Abb.y because she has seen them on TV.

My kids are couch potatoes by any means but they aren't naive to TV. I like that balance. I think it's cute that if I tell Holly "no" to MMC, or Elm.o, or M.ick.eys Kiss.miss Cawoll that she then says "watch oprah? news? football?"... She is adorable. My girls are cute. They are smart. and they like TV. We like TV. So sue me!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowed In!

Rest on the Lord's day? Not sure I have ever heeded those words. Today, although we were snowed in (weren't we all?), I kept busy, busy, busy! When we were finally done with cookies, I was shocked to see it was nearing 7pm, the time I put the girls down for sleep. Yikes. But it was great.

I started out making sugar cookies. My mom mixed the dough for me (AWESOME) and then it was just the fun part after that! Holly loved every minute of it. She liked to roll the dough, play in the flour, place the cookie cutter and then decorating... ha, that was even better! Hannah was into it also, but she mostly loved the eating part!! Let's be honest, that's MY favorite part too! Hehe... doing this with the girls was so fun.

Here's Hannah tasting some of the sprinkles...

Mommy helping Hannah with the cookie cutter                                        

Flour Power!

After cookie making, we ate some lunch then headed for the slopes! Er, uh, well, the hill in our subdivision!

 Then it was time for naps. Mommy put on her santa hat and went downstairs to wrap Christmas presents. I LOVE getting ready for Santa. Holly has asked for a bike this year. I have it on good authority that she's been a good girl and I'm sure he'll pull through! After naps, more cookies!

The girls were exhausted and so was I! What a fun day, really! I am thankful to have been snowed in with my girls and dh. And, I got lots done too!!


I have another blog, have had for years and it's private. For many reasons, there are things there that I choose to keep mum about and it's been nice having that annonomity. However, as time has gone on, readership has dwindled and I blame it on two things... 1) my lack of blogging and 2) my lack of comments! Sad to say but it's true. Sometimes I wonder who I'm blogging for. Sure it's nice to record life  but for me, blogging is an outlet so I enjoy the fellow blog relationships that have come from it. I have many FB friends because of blogging. So, I'm going public. About some things. Day to day life. Not BP's or A.d.o.p.tion or any of that stuff. This is strictly life as I know it. Life and I live it, with my girls, the good, the bad, and the ugly... thanks for following!