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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nature vs. Nurture.... or something like that!

For a long time I've believed that a part of your personality has much to do with your birthorder. When I looked at my sister and I versus other people who were first, second, or middle born, I always came to the same conclusion.... us younger sibs have more fun!! LOL. Honestly, I can draw a resemblance from many relationships.

First, my sister and me. She has always been more serious. She's more quiet, not quite as outgoing, and participated more in individual sports. Now me... well, I was louder, sillier, and was in group sports. I was in trouble much more often than she was but I wasn't necessarily a bad kid either.

My mom and her siblings. My mom was the oldest like my sister. She has always been (and continues to be) the more serious of her siblings when it comes to life values. She is more responsible and is not interested in crowds. Her siblings?? Loud, crazy, and definately not responsible... even now! lol.

I could go on and on. I've seen this reflected in my husbands siblings, friends, family, etc. Now, my arguement here goes like this... if I had to say nature vs nurture, I'd go with nurture. My two daughters are the classic example of older and younger siblings. Holly is more reserved. Her smiles are only for the most silly of times and she has always listened to me at the very first warning. She is quiet. Now, my Hannah, she is wild. She tests the limits constantly and with a wild smile of dare on her face! She likes to scream, silly screams, all the time. She wears tu-tus if she see's them, along with hats and necklaces and anything else that makes her silly. If I tell her no, she smiles and runs!

So, tell me, do I have a valid argument? My girls, by BIRTH are both firstborn. By family arrangement, they are first and second. Something tells me that nurture is outweighting nature here by a looong shot. It just makes me wonder what else I'll learn about nature vs nurture along the way...


  1. Funny, after reading this post it had me thinking about my kiddos. My kiddos are both adopted- so technically they are first borns. However my oldest, my daughter is shy, quiet, reserved and likes to follow the rules etc... My son on the other hand is LOUD, outgoing and loves to break the rules- LOL! I just thought it was the difference between boys and girls. Should be interesting with #3 on the way, I am pregnant so once again this child will technically be a first born.

  2. I am the youngest of two girls. My sister was more reserved when we were younger -she is much more of an extrovert than I am nowadays. I was the social butterfly/planner in my youth (which was a long time ago!) She was the more studious one; although I am currently working on my 2nd master's degree - she went through her undergrad (nursing) program in 4 years and graduated with honors. I crammed 4 years into 6 years in undergrad and spent some time on probation! :-) Birth order is interesting. My husband is a first born of three - two younger sisters. He is quiet and shy (usually)......