A mothers love is forever.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sleeping Beauties...

When I planned in my head all the things I would want to do as a mommy, all the things I knew I'd be missing out on if I wasn't, I never thought of the one thing that I'd easily say is the favorite part of my day... watching my girls sleep! There is something spiritual about quietly tip-toeing into our nursery to see how the girls are sleeping. They are angels! They are silly, even when they sleep. They used to sleep nearly the same way for a long time. If one was angled one way, the other was too. It was like a twin concept to me. Now, as Holly has grown, she is always in the same spot, a sign that she is ready for Santa's new toddler bedding delivery. And Hannah, well, she'll be ready soon enough. I loved when they used to sleep with their little butts in the air even though it couldn't have been comfortable. It cracks me up when I go in and Hannah is on top of a stuffed animal, or blankie and she is oblivious. There was a time when I had to move Holly almost nightly because she'd have her head against the corner edge and I'm sure it had to hurt. And both girls went through periods when their legs were sticking out. They love their "babies" which are basically the little blankies with heads. And, without their blankies, well, they would be beside themselves. Lately, they also have to have Minnie & Mickey in their cribs too. Not to mention there is Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Grover, Big Bird, a monkey each, a chick from Easter and the famous glow worm that plays a lullaby. We also have a really cool mobile that we've used WELL PAST the manufacturers recommendations of 5 mos old and Hannah pushes the buttons to play the music... we call her the DJ!

It's these moments, when I am in their room, watching them breathe the innocence that only being a toddler can provide, that I am reminded of how lucky I am. How awesome it is to be their mommy. How great my life is. Beyond the hustle, the bustle and the daily grind, they are my everything. I love to watch them sleep. I love my girls with all my heart. What a neat part of being a mommy that I had no idea I would love so much!


  1. Your girls are just precious! And yes......there is nothing more special than sleeping babies! ;-)

  2. They are precious Angie! I love watching sleeping babies! *Natalie has Holly's PJ's too :)