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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Turning it!!

I did it! We ended up turning Holly's crib into a big girl bed for her! She loves it!!! I'm glad I did it. But, still, it's kinda sad. Holly did a great job staying in her crib the whole night! Even when she woke up and we didn't go in for about 10 minutes, she was still in her crib. The same happened this morning too! Right now, she's in her big girl bed for her first nap in it (at our house). She has napped in a big girl bed at my moms and done great. Today, she's still up an hour later. I just went up there and she was trying to get ouf of the door. I had to remind her it was naptime. I think she may actually be asleep now!! I thought I'd share a few pics of putting it together, and then sleeping. So fun!!
Daddy finishing the big girl transition...

Holly's first time climbing in the big girl bed!

How Hannah wishes she were 2, too!

Getting ready for bed... excited!

Sleeping... needing a pillow!

Hanah asleep in her crib

The girls nursery

The other side of the room!

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  1. What a big girl, Holly is! Hannah will be 2 before you know it! :-) Adorable nursery.