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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowed In!

Rest on the Lord's day? Not sure I have ever heeded those words. Today, although we were snowed in (weren't we all?), I kept busy, busy, busy! When we were finally done with cookies, I was shocked to see it was nearing 7pm, the time I put the girls down for sleep. Yikes. But it was great.

I started out making sugar cookies. My mom mixed the dough for me (AWESOME) and then it was just the fun part after that! Holly loved every minute of it. She liked to roll the dough, play in the flour, place the cookie cutter and then decorating... ha, that was even better! Hannah was into it also, but she mostly loved the eating part!! Let's be honest, that's MY favorite part too! Hehe... doing this with the girls was so fun.

Here's Hannah tasting some of the sprinkles...

Mommy helping Hannah with the cookie cutter                                        

Flour Power!

After cookie making, we ate some lunch then headed for the slopes! Er, uh, well, the hill in our subdivision!

 Then it was time for naps. Mommy put on her santa hat and went downstairs to wrap Christmas presents. I LOVE getting ready for Santa. Holly has asked for a bike this year. I have it on good authority that she's been a good girl and I'm sure he'll pull through! After naps, more cookies!

The girls were exhausted and so was I! What a fun day, really! I am thankful to have been snowed in with my girls and dh. And, I got lots done too!!


  1. Can't believe how big your girls are! The cookies look wonderful! That's one of my favorite traditions of the season too. :)

  2. Cookies look YUMMY and it looked like you all had fun:) We too were snowed in but my son and I are fighting a cold so we made it a pajama and movie day:) Then today we had a SNOW DAY!!!! YAY! So we had another pajama and board game day:)