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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today I found out that I'm a bit sexist. This is funny to me because when I was growing up, I preferred many "boy" toys. I distinctly remember being around 7 or 8 y.o. and I was sick. When my mom surprised me with a little bag of green plastic army men, I was THRILLED. I played sports like it was nobody's business. I was into softball and basketball and if the neighborhood boys were playing, football. I like to play it, watch it, and dress the part for it too.

Fast forward 20 years. Now I have two little girls. I love it when they want to play basketball. I was actually pretty excited that they received the Littl.e T.ikes basketball hoop this holiday. But, for whatever reason, I just am not thrilled that they got a tool bench. Last year, from my in-laws, they got tool boxes and a tool. The theory is that each year, they'll add a tool to that. This year, it's a wooden tool bench from my BIL. It's cute, but it's a boy toy.

Today we took down our Christmas tree and the majority of the decorations. When that was down and the toys remained, I was frustrated with the lack of space for everything. (Thus reminding me how VERY FORTUNATE we are and how much my kids have). My DH has always complained about there being too many toys, especially bigger ones. Well, this year it was his brother who got a couple big toys for the girls. I said that in response to his remark and I also said that my girls didn't need a tool bench. He called me sexist.

So, whatever. I guess I'm sexist. I am NOT in to tools for my girls. I always loved sports myself so I'm fine with them playing those. I'm even cool with them playing with cars (they seem to love those as of late). But I'm just not in to tools or tool benches. Make no mistake, I'll still have my baby girls wearing pink while they play with it. Just for good measure.

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  1. What a hoot! Maybe you'd like it better if the tools were pink?! :-) How is Holly doing with her big girl bed? I hope it is going well.