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Friday, December 17, 2010

Turn it mommy!

Turn it mommy! .... that's what Holly was just saying to me as I put her down to sleep, in her crib for a nap. This might be the last time she sleeps in a crib. My oldest baby, not so much a baby anymore. The girls and I took a trip to B.abies R U.s today in order to get prepared for the big girl transition. Their bedroom, sadly, was the last place we officially child proofed. This was because they don't play there. It's upstairs and we only go in there to nap or sleep pretty much. We do have books and a few stuffed animals but not much that they can get in to. However, long time ago when we painted, we never replaced all the outlet covers or covered any wires. They were mostly behind cribs and dressers so it wasn't a big deal. Well, now it is. So today, we gals made our way to store and picked up some power strip covers, closet door locks, and outlet covers that have the little slide plug thingy. I told Holly it was so she could turn her crib into a big girl bed! And thus.... turn it mommy!

So we got home and I've been working on some of the plugs but I need Aaron's help to move the cribs and dresser to finish the job. When I was putting her down for her nap she kept saying "turn it mommy, turn it to a big girl bed!".... Soon my dear, sweet baby. Maybe tonight I told her, maybe tonight. Wow... not sure if I'm ready for this but I know Holly is. She'll be a great big girl sleeper I am sure. Where, oh where has the time gone?

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  1. I have found with my kiddos that they were ready for the transition and did well it was mommy who wasn't ready and was the one who was sad:( Thinking of you and hope that it goes well when you turn it;) LOL! So cute!