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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Pee Pees on the Potty....

OMG. So, I proudly proclaimed Holly potty trained in November, a couple of weeks before her birthday. And she was. She's been nearly accident free since. And never had a poo accident. She did great and was so easy to train. It was like she kinda took over and just did it on her own once she learned how to poo on the potty. It was smooth. It got to the point where when I go somewhere, if I put her on the potty before we leave, I stopped worrying about what would happen when we were out. I carry a potty seat with me in a cute bag and all has been well.

Add Hannah. Now Hannah is starting to show a HUGE interest in potty training. She's been going on the potty for months, but not consistently. She never knew to tell me before but now, when she tells me, she goes. And it's almost always the truth (Holly's to the point where she knows that if she requests the potty, she can sit and play there and get out of things like dinner, naps, or leaving the house if she's not in the mood). Hannah is doing both pee and poo on the potty, and quite regularly. I switched her over to mostly pull-ups now because it's just easier because she's so frequently dry.

The clincher? I don't like little pottys. The girls don't sit on them well and they make more of a mess to clean up. I trained them to sit on the potty with a seat. So, now there are two going. At home, I've figured this out. I have three bathrooms so I can either have two per bathroom upstairs or occasionally I have to do one up and one down. When we go out, like to a restaurant for instance, that's when it gets challenging. Sometimes both girls want to go. And sometimes they want to go multiple times during a meal. And sometimes they need to poo. Both of them. So lately, I spend a LOT of time in public bathrooms. Yuck. I never, ever, ever, imagined what potty training would mean to me as a mom. The thought never crossed my mind. But now, I carry a toilet seat with me everywhere. I have sat on bathroom floors for 25 minutes while one of my kids pooped. I have kneeled dozens of times on my jeans, touched seats I would have never touched and started to truly appreciate what a clean public bathroom can mean. At least little boys can stand to pee.

Ahhh... the joys of potty training!

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