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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sew Much Fun!!

I did it!! I found a pattern and decided to try my hand at sewing a shirt for the girls! I went with a fun summer pattern (picnic ants) and went with it! I combined a few different "patterns" because there were things I liked about one but not the other. The shirring (wrinkly part) at the top of the shirt I did on my own, using elastic thread. Yup, it exists! I found it at Jo.A.nn's today and went with it! You use usual thread on top and load the elastic onto your bobbin. I'm not sure but this might be a little big. If it is, I can gift it, or try to size it down. I'll see once Holly wakes up! But, I'm SUPER excited!! There are a million more ideas I have now and my confidence in sewing is sure growing! Yay!!

A close up of the shirring and buttons.

I added a couple watermelon buttons at the bottom because
what summer picnic is complete without watermelon!?!

Sew (pun intended)... what's next?!?!

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