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Friday, February 25, 2011


So we've been thinking lately about what type of vacation we'd like to take this summer. It won't be a big one. Not only do we not have the extra cashflow for a big one, but we're waiting until the girls get older to take them to somewhere like Dis.neyW.orld. But, in the meantime, Michigan offers quite a bit of tourist kind of things and we're throwing ideas around. One place we are considering is M.ichig.an A.dven.ture which is a theme park, owned by the same people as C.ed.ar P.oi.nt. We've never been so aren't sure if it's age appropriate. My sister has been there and said that we'd probably like C.ed.ar.Po.int better. Hmm. for the money difference, not sure. But, it can be a consideration too. The other place I'm thinking might be good for the girls is Se.sa.me P.lace in Pennsylvania. My sister went  last year and LOVED it! She said it's loaded with kid things and kid rides and kids, kids, kids! So, that's also a possibility but again, that's a further drive (much further) and more involved with hotels, travel, etc.

So I'm asking for ideas... for kid friendly, simple places to visit or ideas! Please share!!

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  1. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Sesame Place (it was QUITE a drive for us too from KY!). Our kids loved it too:) It is much much smaller than that big mouse place:) but geared more towards the little ones. We did breakfast with the characters, the parade is very cute, so much cute stuff! Look around we found some great deals on hotels etc... And depending on how many days you will be staying there are some other VERY fun stuff to do in the area including The Please Touch Museum in Philly; Hershey's factory (prob. not age appropriate for the girls but sure is yummy!) and the Crayola factory/ museum. Totally worth considering. We don't usually go up North so I don't really have any other suggestions that would be close to you all. Good Luck!