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Monday, June 27, 2011


We've had LOTS of first this past week! From picking strawberries, to hair cuts and finally the first dentist appt!! The girls did AWESOME with all of it!

First Haircuts went much better than I had ever expected! They sat so well and watched the tv with cartoons on that was there. They got to choose to sit on a carousel horse or in a car. At first they both picked a horse but Hannah changed her mind before the cut and sat in the car. Holly's is so short but makes her curls curlier! Hannahs cut some loose ends but sure didn't take much off. Double edge sword I guess. I like the cut look but so sad they take hair. The girls were thrilled with the balloon and sucker they got after their cuts were done! I cannot get over how cute my babies are and how fast they are growing!

Holly was leaning to watch the tv they had there for the kids to watch.

Holly After... Shorter than I had hoped but CUTER than I imagined!!

Hannah getting hers cut too...

Hannah's After... longer than I hoped, couldn't tell it was done but still CUTE!
 We went Strawberry picking for the very first time about a week ago with my mom, sister and her two boys. The weather cooperated but barely! It was humid but not terribly hot as we had storms heading in! Hannah ate a ton of strawberries and Holly had a couple. Funny thing is they only eat them there and never when I put them on their plates! Silly girls!
Dis one? Hanny picking strawberries... she probably ate more than she put in the box!

Holly picking strawberries... and by the look on her face, likely being bossy too!

Today was dentist day! This was the girls first OFFICIAL time at the dentist. I had taken Holly once before along with my appointment just to have her see them and start the process of warming up to the idea. They both did extremely well! They sat in the chairs and went for a ride in them, then they both allowed the dental hygenists to polish them with the "Mr. Tickly" and they used Mr. Squirty to spray water into a cup and sucked it out with Mr. Slirpy! The girls had a great time! Almost as much time as the staff did helping them! They were thrilled to get new toothbrushes and at the end asked for a cookie. UMMMM? Yes, a cookie! We all got a laugh out of that! I was so proud of them! Holly has all 20 of her teeth and Hannah has 17! 
Hannah getting her teeth checked by Dr Brunner

Holly getting hers checked by Dr Brunner

Patty did Hannahs teeth and Lisa did Hollys! Afterward they gave the girls princess tiaras and wands!

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  1. How sweet! I love Holly's hair, and the girls' crowns - Natalie is so in to them lately!