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Monday, September 5, 2011

DOWN TWENTY with more to go!

I just wanted to say that today was great for me! The past week I've buckled back down on my eating. I'm back to protein shakes, eggs, salads and chicken mostly (with the occasional chocolate!). I have been weighing myself every Monday since March regardless of weight loss or gain. I printed a chart off the computer and hang it in the bathroom so I can see it all the time. I know weight isn't the best indicator of health. I know that focusing on that soley isn't the best long term plan but right now, for me, it helps. I like to have something measureable. Not simply a lowered jean size or better fitting shirt (although that is great too!). So, the coolest thing was today, I saw results! When I see results, I have increased motivation to continue eating healthy!! I am now down exactly 20 pounds since March!!! I am so thrilled! I want to keep going, keep it up and maybe even be forced to buy MORE new jeans! (I rewarded myself this fall with 2 pair from Maurices) I struggled a lot the past two months but at least maintained... hopefully with this new loss I can stay motivated to drop a few more pounds! Maybe 10 by my birthday!?!

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