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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in Pictures!

The girls new kitchen from Uncle George, Aunt Tara & boys!

Christmas morning, Santa's stash!

The girls on Christmas Morning!

The night before Christmas...

Loving her new tricycle...

Mommy & girls listening to the pre-recorded book made by us!

Daddy showing the girls their new book.

Christmas afternoon at my sisters house!

Holly loves Hannah's tricycle, but not so much her bike. We've got to work on that :)

Opening presents Christmas day at Aunt Tara's house...

The gifts/tree @ Aunt Tara's house

Opening gifts @ Uncle Nick/Aunt Gretchen's (Aaron's side of the family)


  1. Hi I saw your comment on Life In The.... about having two girls seven months apart so I had to come check you out :) My two are 11 months apart - same situation as you! 15 months and 26 months now. I will enjoy following your journey and hearing about the transition to a bed. And I'd love to know how they do sharing a room.....!

  2. I love this. Same jammies, same personalized christmas stockings, same recordable christmas book... you guys have good taste! :)

    Glad your christmas was awesome!