A mothers love is forever.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I read a very sad post. A fellow adoptive first, then bio mom wrote about her long time friend who called her out of the blue. When returning her call, she heard the most terrible news, her friends husband of only 2.5 yrs had died. He was young. Heartattack.

About two months ago, another fellow blogger, Rebekah posted about her friend, Vee who also lost her very young husband. They had two young children and she was (still is) pregnant with their third. Heartattack.

Aaron and I are a good match. I used to think so more when we were dating then I do now. Mostly because we argue over really, really dumb little things. Things that honestly do not matter in life. Our biggest argument stems from money. Like I said, things that DO NOT matter. But, lately, after reading Vee's blog, and now hearing about yet another very young man dying. I cannot help but be thankful. I cannot help but take off my hypothetical glasses and rip out the rose colored ones. The past week Aaron has had a flu bug of sorts. He was out of commission, literally laying on our bedroom floor crying, for two days. I did not let him come out. I didn't want me or the girls to get sick. So I did it all alone. I had the girls during my normal daytime and then in the evenings I bathed, fed, dressed, read to, brushed teeth, said prayers and got them down all by myself. (Ok, mom helped me both nights so I could also take care of Aaron). But, after mom left, or I left her house, I came home and was virtually alone. It was sad. It was hard. The girls missed him. So did I.

So, even if Aaron and I argue, even if he drives me endlessly crazy about the budget, I love him. My girls love him. He is their daddy. He is my husband. And today I am thankful. Very greatful for his love. For his presence. For his committment to our family. In my heart I pray for those who's husbands have died and I remember why I married Aaron. And I tell myself that I will cherish the time I have with him. No matter.

For we never know how much time we have. Ever.

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